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Recently, Jessie purchased a new house from a developer named Asia.

Development Ltd. On 1st March 2018, Jessie advertised in ‘The Win,’ a local newspaper, that she needs someone to do interior designing for her new house. Victor, an interior designer, read the advertisement and wrote a letter on 3nd March 2018 to Jessie stating about his willingness to do the interior designing for RM50,000. The letter was attached with other terms which are important to the job.

Jessie received the letter on 5th March 2018 and she replied to Victor on the same day stating that she agreed with all the terms except the price. She can only afford to pay RM40,000. The letter also contained a statement that Victor must reply via post. Victor received the letter on 7th March 2018. Once he received the letter,

Victor immediately replied through post on the same evening stating that he agreed with the price.

Based on the facts, explain:

1. What is the legal status of the advertisement by Jessie?

2. How many offers involved in this case?

3. When is a contract formed between Jessie and Victor, if there is any?

4. When can Jessie revoke the offer if she is no more interested to do the interior design for her house?


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