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MGT 320 ProjectPart 1Rubric

The project has a total value of 100 points (overall presentation, grammar and spelling is5points).

Part I -Firm analysis (100% points total)

Identify and include both Balance sheet and Income Statements for both firms and both years

10 points

Calculate all 7 ratios for both firms and both years using the right formula


Interpret each of the ratio calculated above

7 points

Comparison of ratios over time and between two firms andmake recommendation

10 points

Perform DuPont Analysis for both firms and both years using the DuPont Identify in chapter 3

20 points

Identify strength/weakness of each firm based on the DuPont Analysis

10 points

Daily price chart for two firms

10 points

Analysis based on other non-financial-statements factors

5 points

Project file name

2 points


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