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The City of Metropolis is hoping to build a new painted steel bridge with a concrete deck, to Gotham City. The current bridge, the Metro-Narrows, has too much traffic. They have asked your firm to conduct a life cycle assessment for the proposed new bridge. For each of the four stages of life shown below (A, B, C,& D)… include two environmental impacts (#1 and #2), two ways the city could reduce environmental impacts, and one way the city could reduce costs. Feel free to leave 2 boxes empty and still receive full credit. (20boxes at 2points per box. 36 points total) A. Raw materials B. Manufacturing & C. Use & Maintenance D. Dismantling & acquisition Delivery Disposal Env. Impact #1 Env. Impact #2 To reduce env. Impact#1 Raw materials acquisition Manufacturing & Delivery Use & Maintenance Dismantling & Disposal Reduce env. Impact#2 Reduce costs 3. (6pts) Why might the city, which is NOT environmentally conscious, be interested in doing a Life Cycle Assessment like the one you just did above? Give at least two distinct reasons (that are NOT “because they are nice people who want to do the right thing…..


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