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Project Communications Management: Case Study

Several issues have arisen on the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. The person from the HR department who was supporting the project left the company, and now the team needs more support from that group. A member of the user group that supports the project is extremely vocal and hard to work with, and other users can hardly get a word in at meetings. The project manager, Tony, is getting weekly status reports from all of his team members, but many of them do not address obvious challenges that people are facing. The team is having difficulty deciding how to communicate various project reports and documents and where to store all of the information being generated. Recall that the team members include you, a programmer/analyst and aspiring project manager; Patrick, a network specialist; Nancy, a business analyst; and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst.

Assignment – Project Communications Management: 3 Tasks

1. Prepare a partial communications management plan to address some of the challenges mentioned in the previous paragraph.

2. Prepare a template and sample of a good weekly progress report that could be used for this project. Include a list of tips to help team members provide information on these reports.

3. Write a one-page paper describing two suggested approaches to communicating with the hard-to-work-with user.

Below I have provided the templates that I was given:

Communications Management Plan

Prepared by: Date:

1. Introduction

2. Collection and filing structure for gathering and storing project information

3. Distribution structure (what information goes to whom, when, and how)

4. Format, content, and level of detail of key project information

5. Production schedule and resources for producing key project information

6. Technologies, access methods, and frequency of communications

7. Method for updating the communications management plan

8. Escalation procedures

9. Stakeholder communications analysis


Document Name

Document Format

Contact Person

Due Date


10. Glossary of terms

Status/Progress Report

Project Name:

Team Member Name:


Reporting Period:

Work completed this reporting period:

Work to complete next reporting period:

What’s going well and why:

What’s not going well and why:


Project changes


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