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We wish to flash distill a feed that is 10 mol% propane, 30 mol% n-butane, and 60 mol % n-hexane. Feed rate is 10 k mol/h, and drum pressure is 200 kPa. We desire a liquid that is 85 mol% n-hexane. Use DePriester charts. Find T_drum and V/F. Continue until your answer is within 0.5^degree C of the correct answer. A flash drum operating at 300 kPa is separating a mixture that is fed in as 40 mol % isobutane, 25% n-pentane, and 35% n-hexane. We wish a 90% recovery of n-hexane in the liquid (that is, 90% of the n-hexane in the feed exits in the liquid product). F = 1000 kmol/h. Find T_drum, x_j, y_j, V/F. A flash drum operating at a pressure of 2.0 bar and a temperature of 0^degree C is separating a mixture of ethane (E), n-butane (B), and n-pentane (P). The fraction vaporized i V/F = 0.25. The feed mole fraction of ethane is z_E = 0.20. Find the mole fraction of n-butane, Z_B, in the feed. Use the DePriester chart. We wish to flash distill a feed that is 55 mol% ethane and 45 mol% n-pentane. The drum operates p_drum = 700 kPa and T_drum = 30^degree C. Feed flow rate is 100,000 kg/h. Find V/F, V, L, liquid mole fraction, vapor mole fraction. Find the dimensions in metric units required for a vertical flash drum. Assume the vapor is an ideal gas to calculate vapor densities. Use DePriester chart for VLE. Be careful of units. Arbitrarily pick h_total/D = 4. MW_ethane = 30.07, MW_pentane = 72.15 Liquid densitites: rho_E = 0.54 g/ml (estimated), rho_p = 0.63 g/ml A flash drum is separating a feed that is 50 wt % n-propanol and 50 wt % isopropanol with F = 100 k mol/h, T = 90^degree C


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