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Blazer Delivery is a rapidly growing delivery service. Last year, 80% of its revenue came from the delivery of mailing “pouches” and small, standardized delivery boxes (which provides a 20% contribution margin). The other 20% of its revenue came from delivering non-standardized boxes (which provides a 70% contribution margin). With the rapid growth of Internet retail sales, Blazer believes that there are great opportunities for growth in the delivery of non-standardized boxes. The company has fixed costs of $12 million.

Calculate the product line break-even point in dollars for a company with more than one product.


a. Calculate the company's break-even point in total sales dollars. At the break-even point, how much of the company's sales are provided by each type of service?

b. The company's management would like to keep its fixed costs constant but shift its sales mix so that 60% of its revenue comes from the delivery of non-standardized boxes and the remainder from pouches and small boxes. Determine what the company's break-even sales would be and what amount of sales would be provided by each service if this were to occur


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