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Mr. Jog is employed in a local Company called AB spares in Lobatse with a monthly salary of P25,000. The following are the other benefits and incomes he received for the year ended 31 December 2020:

  1. He occupies a company house for which he pays a rent of P2,000. The ratable value of the house is P750,000
  2. The house is fully furnished, and the cost of furnishing is P40,000 to the employer.
  3. He received BSB interest of P10,000
  4. School fees of P6000 is paid by the company.
  5. Amount deducted towards PAYEE P18,500
  6. Barclays Bank interest P25,000
  7. Compensation for injury at work P5,000
  8. Interest from BSB subscription shares P8,000
  9. Sale of house P500,000

Required: Calculate Mr. Jog’s taxable income and the tax payable for the year of assessment ended for the current year of assessment.



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