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What are the various rationales behind each of the following seven factors, for ensuring an effective Credit Risks Assessment (CRA) by the banks:

(a) Prompt and realistic appraisal of the projects, on receipt of the loan applications, along with the project reports.

(b) Prompt and realistic assessment of the credit requirements, both short-term (working capital) and longterm (term loan).

(c) Phased disbursement of loans to ensure the proper end-use of funds.

(d) Effective supervision and followup of the advances, and the periodical monitoring of the companies’ financial performance through intelligent scrutiny of their books of accounts, stock statements and financial statements, coupled with personal dialogues with the owners and/or managers of the companies.

(e) Timely detection of early symptoms of sickness at the incipient stage itself, and prompt and effective implementation of suitable remedial measures to put the companies back to health.

(f) Effective supervision and control of the irregularities in the advances by the branches as also by the controlling authority.

(g) Prompt decision and action with regard to the rehabilitation of viable sick units, or else, for calling up of the advances of non-viable sick units.

(i) What are the flaws generally observed in the actual implementation/execution of each of them in the present practices, prevailing in most of the branches of the banks, specially in the public sector banks

(ii) What are your own pragmatic suggestions for mitigation (if not complete elimination) of the flaws, pertaining to each of the aforesaid seven areas?


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