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Human Resource Management Quiz Fin Ti where pened the Chilly Burger Joint in the United Kingdom in early 2012, many people flocked to its doors use the signature burpers, which they had been advertising very heavily on TV. Their slogan was, “Live the Chilly DecePeople lined up for hours to buy a burger from the restaurant. However, after an extraordinary success in ette the store reported a drop of 30% in revenues by the end of the second year. This was mainly due to the por customer service at the store. Customers were often handled by unprofessional employees with a careless attitude Dagruntled employees barely greeted their customers and were visibly annoyed when customers demanded a change in merander in addition tables were often left uncleaned for the next customer, and during peak times some untrained over-cooked the fries. Steve decided to have a meeting with his store manager. The store manager complained that there were no job descriptions for the employees to understand their requirements accurately, and this so had further complicated employee recruitment and training efforts. Steve saw this as an attempt by the manager to cover for his management mistakes. Not knowing what to do exactly, Steve scrambled to fix the situation by turning to consultant. The consultant said that the job descriptions are critically needed and that Steve needs to hire a job nalyst for this task. Steve rejected the advice and believed that it was unnecessary to incur the extra time and costs necessary to do the job descriptions, and hence decided to replace the store manager instead. The store revenues kept deteriorating sharply, however. After four years of opening, Steve Parella finally decided that it was to time to shut down Based on the case above please answer the following questions: Asume that Steve hired you as an HR consultant ()-how you will convince Steve to conduct the job analysis, what are the benefits of job analysis that you would present to him. After comparing different methods of JA explain which you would recommend Steve to be employed in the Chilly Burger Joint and why. (150 words) (5 marks) (CLO 2) furthermore, develop a job description and specification for an employee who works in a fast food restaurant such as the Chiny Burger Joint. Furthermore, discuss how job analysis (JA) is different than competency model. (200 words) 15 marts (CLO 2 Perayah – BEE


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