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According to Sunway Berhad, do the Findings and recommendation based on Company analysis. (not less than 150 words)

Below are the reference report:

To maintain active relationships with shareholders and investors, the Board engages, involves, and communicates with them regularly. Furthermore, the corporation provides information to Bursa Securities via Bursa Link announcements. Quarterly results, substantial transactions, and other significant developments are all included in these announcements. Press and analyst briefings, one-on-one meetings, conference calls, yearly reports, press releases, and domestic and international roadshows and conferences are examples of other mediums.

The company aims to provide its shareholders and stakeholders with as much information as possible. The Board, Board Committees, and Management all play a role in enhancing the relationship with shareholders and investors by providing the actual performance review to the concerned authorities. In addition, the Company established an Investor Relations (IR) team to handle all necessary information releases through several modes, including Briefing Packs, the IR Portal, and e-mail. This team also endeavors to expand and strengthen the investor/shareholder base to increase the liquidity of the Company’s stock.

The company claims to have a proper and effective internal control system in place, which will help to mitigate risk governance under the Board’s authority. Through the Chairman of the Audit Committee, the system grants access to the Head of Internal Audit to the Board. Thus, this approach assists the Board in determining what actions should be made to improve the Company’s progress.

According to the register of Directors’ shareholdings kept by the Company under Section 59 of the Companies Act 2016 in Malaysia, the interests of Directors in office at the end of the financial year in ordinary shares, ICPS, non-convertible redeemable preference shares, and warrants in the Company and its related corporations during the financial year were as follows:

more related info can refer to:Sunway Berhad Annual Report 2020


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