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Local company:

Foreign company:

The Question is posted below. SGR is Sustainable Growth rate and IGR is Internal growth rate.

1. Calculate both SGR and IGR for both of your assigned companies (local and international). Then create a proforma income statement and Balance sheet for your local company only – by growing the company sales using the respective SGR only. Comment on the following issues:

• Will retain earnings be enough for the desired growth? If not, then consider a loan.

• If the loan taken, then check whether the loan will be sustainable or not

. Can the company achieve the growth without taking a loan by changing dividend policy?

Keep the following points in mind in calculation: Use FY 2020 info as current year (31/12/20) Increase depreciation Interest expense will not change . The current D/E is optimum All assets will grow . Among liabilities, only accounts payable will grow (if they have any) Equity will not change Source of Data: Use> search your company> Financials


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