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Shafts AB and FG are all made of stainless steel and are 0.375 in. diameter. Shaft CE is made of titanium and is 0.505 in. diameter. Assume shafts are properly held with bearing supports. Gear B diameter is 5.0 in. Gear C diameter is 9.0 in. Gear E diameter is 7.0 in. Gear F diameter is 3.0 in. Let the applied moment load at point D be 450 lb ft with shown sense. Ends A and G are constrained such that end A relative to G can rotate a maximum of + or – 0.02 degrees. Determine the reactionary moments at A and G for the system when in static equilibrium. When looking from point A to point G, state the sense of each moment (cw or ccw) At equilibrium, determine the rotation (in degrees) of gear C with respect to point G (i.e. use point G as the fixed reference). When looking from point C toward point G, state the sense of this rotation (cw or ccw) FIGURE A – ISOMETRIC OF GEAR ASSEMBLY (DIMENSIONS IN INCHES) 12.00 7.50 10.00 8.50


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