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You are working as a Human Resource Executive in a rapidly expanding tech-company. Recently, your company acquired a smaller-sized competitor and merged the two companies to form Leaven enterprise. However, due to the merger, one-fifth of the workforce has had to be retrenched. This has caused employee morale to suffer and consequently productivity to decline. Some managers also pointed out that the different systems and processes used by the former companies are incompatible with one another and thus needed to be standardized. The HR Manager has tasked you with standardizing the performance management system used throughout the new company. He is looking into ways to link the performance management system with the total compensation strategy. Specifically, he wants the results of the employees’ performance to be tied with rewards system as he believes that this would raise the morale of the employees and improve productivity at the same time. He instructs you to review the performance appraisal forms used. The first form that he has asked you to prepare is that for software sales position.

1) Analyse the above situation and suggest the types of rewards that can be used in order to improve productivity and morale. (20 marks)


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