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Focus on just one of the topics/areas covered in Cost and Management Accounting 2 and investigate how that topic is applied in the organization you are familiar with.

For example, you might choose to investigate how budgets are prepared and applied in the organization; or how process costing is applied; variance analysis, investment appraisal techniques or whether or not the organization uses standard costing, etc.
Write a report which includes:

Brief description of the organization and the product or service it offers Industry analysis SWOT analysis for the organization
Detailed review of the way in which the particular topic you have chosen to investigate is applied in the organization
An analysis and comparison of the practical and theoretical approaches that you have observed or been told about during your investigation.
For a good analysis section you should make sure to have done background work and have read relevant articles and reports.
Conclusions and any recommendations for improved cost and management practices in that organization. O


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