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1. A n-type piece of silicon experiences an electric field equal to 0.1 V/m.

a. Calculate the velocity of electrons and holes in the material.

b. What doping level is necessary to provide a current density of 1 mA/m^2 under these

conditions? Assume the hole concentration is negligible.

2. A n-type piece of silicon with a length of 0.1 m and cross section area of 0.05 m x 0.05 m sustains a voltage difference of 1 V. If the doping level is 10^17cm^-3, calculate the total

current flowing through the device T=300K.

3. The figure shows a p-type bar of silicon that is subjected to electron injection from left and

hole injection from right. Determine the total current flowing through the device if the cross

section area is equal to 1 m x 1m.

4. Due to a manufacturing error, the p-side of a pn junction has not been doped. If

ND=3X10^13cm^-3, calculate the built-in potential barrier at T=300K.

5. A junction employs ND= 5 x 10^17cm^-3, and NA= 4 x 10^16cm^-3,

a. Determine the majority and minority carrier concentrations on both sides.

b. Calculate the built in potential at 250K, 300K, and 350K.

6. We have received the circuit shown in the figure and wish to determine R-sub1 and I-sub-s.

We note that Vx=1v–>Ix=0.2mA and Vx=2V–>Ix=0.5mA. Calculate R1and I.s

7. IfIs= 3 x 10^16A, calculate VD1 for IX=1 mA, 2mA, and 4mA.

A n-type piece of silicon experiences an electric


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