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3.11 Learn to Speak a Foreign Language or Just a Few Phrases With Livemocha or Busuu (Objs. 2, 3)

The social Web has taken the world by storm; therefore, it’s not surprising that social networks have formed around various interests and human pursuits. At least two major social networks have united people eager to learn or practice a foreign language online. The two major ones are Live mocha and Busuu. Both social networks offer some free basic instruction and premium fee-based content in a number of popular languages.

Your Task. Compare the two online language learning communities. Consider these and similar questions: How many languages do they support? How do they operate, and how much do they cost? What features do they offer? How many users do they have? Learn a few phrases in a language that interests you and report back to class. Your instructor may ask you to summarize your findings in writing, either in an e-mail or in an online post.



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