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Chuck was 22 years old when he married Lucy. They had just graduated from State University; Chuck accepted a job with a national pest extermination company. Lucy worked for her uncle’s restaurant chain as a server and made more in salary and tips than Chuck’s salary. Both had promising futures and management potential in their respective jobs. Three years into the marriage, Chuck, Jr. (Junior) was born. After a short maternity leave, Lucy went back to work. They borrowed to purchase a new Audi Q7 because Lucy saw an article ranking it the best car for new moms.
Chuck, Lucy and Junior settled into a small home that they were able to purchase given their combined incomes and Lucy’s father co-signing their loan. Chuck served as a volunteer fireman in the small community and in that capacity acted as an emergency medical technician (EMT) on frequent calls. Chuck and Lucy both loved watersports and quickly indoctrinated Junior with weekend trips to the lake. They felt they could afford a motorboat given that Chuck was provided a company truck.

What is this family’s greatest exposure to loss? Explain why you choose this exposure.?


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