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D9.* we wish to flash distill an ethanol-water mixture that is 30 wt % ethanol and has a feed flow of ?. Find: Tdum, wt 1000 kg/h Feed is at 200°C. The flash drum operates at a pressure of 1 kg/c frac of liquid and vapor products, and liquid and vapor flow rates Data: CPLOH 37.96 at 100 C, kcal/(kmol’C) ‘mw= 180, kcal(krmol C) CNOH 14.66+3.758 x 10-T-2091 x 10T+4.74 x 10-T CPV-7.88 + 0.32 × 1 1-004833 x 10-T Both Cry values are in kcal/(kmol C), with T in C Poon® 0.789 g/mL, p.-1.0 g/mL. MwEon® 46 07, Mw,-18016, ?¡on® 922 kcal/mol at 351.7 K, and -9.7171 kcal/nol at 373.16 K. Enthalpy composition diagram at p-1 kg/em2 is in Figure 2-4. Note: Be careful with units.


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