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(a) Nabil had attended a short seminar on the on the clay soil. Due to lack of knowledge in geotechnics, he could not understand what is the effective stress mentioned by the keynote speaker. As a friend, could you help Nabil by explaining to him the relationship between effective stress, total stress and pore pressure? (5 marks) The soil profile at a site consists of 2 m of clay (Gs – 2.7, c-0.5) overlying a deep deposit of gravel (Gs – 2.55, e – 1.0). If the water table is at the top of the clay, determine the depth at which the effective vertical stress is 100 kPa. (10 marks) The following data were recorded during a constant head permeability test. (b) (6) (d) Internal diameter of permameter = 75 mm Head loss over a sample length of 180 mm – 247 mm Quantity of water collected in 60s – 626 ml Calculate the coefficient of permeability of the soil. 6) marks) Based on calculated coefficient of permeability in Q(e), determine the total rate of flow through all channels per unit length of respective flownet of sheet pile (Figure Q3). Note that Ny is the number of flow channels in the flow net, and N is the number of potential drops HN, N (4 marks) (25 marks) 4- h22 m h2 m


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