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3.6 Intercultural Divide at Resort Hotel in Thailand (Objs. 1−3)

The Laguna Beach Resort Hotel in Phuket, Thailand, nestled between a tropical lagoon and the sparkling Andaman Sea, is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. (You can take a virtual tour by using your favorite browser and searching for Laguna Beach Resort Phuket.) When Brett Peel arrived as the director of the hotel’s kitchen, he thought he had landed in paradise. Only on the job six weeks, he began wondering why his Thai staff would answer yes even when they didn’t understand what he had said. Other foreign managers discovered that junior staff managers rarely spoke up and never expressed an opinion that was contrary to those of senior executives. What’s more, guests with a complaint thought that Thai employees were not taking them seriously because the Thais smiled at even the worst complaints. Thais also did not seem to understand deadlines or urgent requests.112



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