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Air (90oC) at a flow rate of 1000 SCFM (Standard cubic feet per minute) and 60% relative humidity is cooled isobarically at 1 atm absolute to 250C. (Assume ideal gas behavior). a. Calculate the molar fraction and partial pressure of H2O (in atm) and dew point of the air at 90oC. (10 points) b. Calculate the molar fraction and partial pressure of H2O (in atm) in 25oC air (5 points). c. Calculate the volumetric flow rate (m3/min) of air at 25oC. (5 points). d. Calculate the rate of liquid water condensed in the process (in kg/min). (10 points) e. Suppose the 90oC air is put in a closed variable-volume chamber containing a mirror and the pressure is raised at a constant temperature until a mist forms on the mirror. At what pressure (atm) would the mist form? (10 points)


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