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1. The success of communication depends only upon the sender of the message.
True or false?

2. Your boss gives you a good performance review at a time when the company is making profits. This is an example of chronological context influencing communication.
True or False?

3.Communication is only needed between superiors and subordinators. True or False?

4. ________ of the letter consists of main message.
a. Heading
b. Body
c. Greeting
d. Closing

5. The ________ of business letter is called layout
a. Body
b. Content
c. Pattern
d. All of the Above

6. A common facility about manager us that he must be
a. Loud
b. Flamboyant
c. Drinker
d. All of the above

7. The following is the permanent record for business
a. Business Letter
b. Ledgers
c. Production Reports
d. All of the above

8. Communication is the task of imparting _________
a. Training
b. Information
c. Knowledge
d. Message

9. Verbal communication is more likely to go wrong in a cross-culture context
True or False?

10. You feel that your professor does have anything new to say and do not listen to him. This is an example of psychological noise leading to the communication failure
True or false?

11. In a traditional job search approach, you seek employment in a particular company
True or False?

12. Communication is exchange of
a. Facts
b. Opinion
c. Emotions
d. All of the above

13. Immediate feedback is possible in the case of face-to-face communication
Ture or False?

14. Which of the following is (are) non-verbal communication
a. Facial Expression
b. Appearance
c. Posture
d. All of the above

15. The following is (are) the most effective ways of communication
a. Verbal
b. Non-verbal
c. Written
d. All of the above

16. Goals helps us to ________
a. Communication
b. Success
c. Work
d. Motivate

17. Group communication skills includes ________
a. Listening Skills
b. Speaking Skills
c. Writing Skills
d. None of the above

18. Team skills do not require the ability to communicate effectively
True or False?

19. The trump card during _______ should be brought out at the crucial moment
a. Interview
b. Negotiation
c. Training
d. Purchasing

20. A ______ is one where a panel of interviewers interviews a single applicant
a. Group Discussion
b. Personal Interview
c. Feedback Session
d. Group Interview

21. The communication message is the same as the meaning of the message
True or False?

22. The handshake that conveys confidence is
a. Limp
b. Firm
c. Loose
d. Double

23. The whole concept of achieving success beings with how you _______
a. Behave
b. Think
c. Work
d. All of the above

24. Communication is a dynamics process
True or False?

25. Body of a letter is divided into ______ parts
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

26. One reason for the failure of communication is the wrong interpretation of the message
True or False?

27. Only problem-solving meetings need to be planned in advance
True or False?

28. The ______ body of the presentation should be broken into short and clear units
a. Main
b. Middle
c. Upper
d. Lower

29. Communication is mostly through words
True or False?

30. Two board areas of communication are oral and write communication
True or False?


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