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Select one of the following statements and give your interpretation of what is meant. Do you think the statement is accurate? What conditions would make it more or less true?

a. “Money markets are not used to get rich, but to avoid being poor.”

b. “Until conditions are more favorable, investors are staying on the sideline”

c. “My portfolio is overinvested in stocks because of the low money market rates.”

d. “The values of some stocks are dependent on the bond market. When investors are not interested in junk bonds, the values of stocks ripe for leverage buyouts decline.”

e. “The recent trend in which many firms are using debt to repurchase some of their stock is a good strategy as long as they can withstand the stagnant economy.”

f. “Although yields among bonds are related, today’s rumors of a tax cut caused an increase in the yield on municipal bonds, while the yield on corporate bonds declined.”


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