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Read the following job descriptions and answer the questions that follow.


AA-social sciences; one year of professional experience working with children and youth preferred. Provide intensive case management services to mentally-ill children, adolescents and their families. Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Position requires some flexibility with schedule.


Bachelor’s degree in child development, social work or related field, minimum of one year experience working with children, youth and families; ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with children, youth, families, and referral sources; good interpersonal skills working with seriously emotionally-disturbed youth; flexible hours with occasional weekend work; some travel within surrounding counties. Driver’s license and safe driving record required.


BS and two years experience in mental health or related field or equivalent combination of education plus experience equal to at least five years; demonstrate excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills. This position is responsible for developing activities with job leads and education opportunities; provide on-site job coaching as needed.


Dynamic, innovative person to oversee case management, utilization review, social work and precertification depts. for all hospitals and programs within Mountain States Health Alliance. BS degree, with both case management and supervisory experience required. Working knowledge of finances related to healthcare reimbursement is essential. Knowledge of managed care and acute care background preferred.

  1. Review the leadership skills discussed in chapter 12 (Woodside and McCain). Cite the leadership skills and strategies that would be needed for each of these job descriptions.
  1. Which job do you think would require the best communication skills? Explain what skills you have to perform in that job.
  1. Which job do you believe would lead to burnout? Assume you take this job. How would you prevent burnout?
  1. Choose one of the jobs listed. Outline how you would meet the time management challenge.
  1. How assertive are you? Which jobs would test your assertiveness skills? Explain why.

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