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3.14 Rotation Curation: Cultural Networking at Its Best?

Review the Plugged In feature on page 85 about rotation curation for the country of Sweden.

Your Task. Consider the subject matter the Swedish citizen “curators” addressed in their tweets. Should they be free to post whatever they want, or should some (tougher) guidelines apply? If you believe in restrictions, what kind of rules would you champion? Is tweeting from an official account—one that represents an organization, a cause, or even a country—different from using a personal Twitter account? How about rules for posting on Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media accounts? Which causes might be suitable for rotation curation? Could businesses benefit? If you were chosen to represent your country, how would you view your responsibilities? How would you approach your posts? What topics might you want to choose? Ponder, too, whether you would be comfortable tweeting in another language as the curators representing @Sweden do, required as they are to post in English.



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