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Jackson had to undergo a major operation at Hope Medical Centre. He was charged by the hospital amounting to a few thousand ringgits. The following are his hospital bills & medical insurance coverage amounts.


Prudential Insurance Malaysia Coverage

Hospital Bill


RM 18,000

RM 18,500


RM 8,000 maximum

RM 8,000

Hospital Room

RM 300 maximum per day with a total of RM 7,000 per year

RM 350 per day for 16 days

Medical Supply & Ct- Scan

Reasonable amount paid in full

RM 5,500

Jackson has recently paid RM2,500 for a one-year insurance premium to Prudential Insurance Malaysia Berhad.
i. the total medical cost
ii. the amount covered by the insurance policy
iii. Jackson’s share of the cost of his treatment (excluding the yearly premium)
b) DISCUSS and COMMENT whether it is good to take up such a medical policy offered by Prudential Insurance Malaysia Berhad.


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