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  1. Select 10 stocks of your choice from the NYSE and identify their tickers.
  2. Collect the prices for each stock from Yahoo! Finance as follows:

a. Enter the stock name/ symbol on the search tab. On the page for that stock, click “Historical Prices”.

b. Enter the “start date” as Jan 1, 2016 and the “end date” as Jan 1, 2020 to cover the five-year period. Make sure you select “monthly” frequency.

c. After hitting “apply” button, click “Download”.Open the file and save it as an excel workbook.

d. Delete all the columns except the date and the adjusted close price.

g. Repeat these steps for the remaining 9 stocks, pasting each closing price right next to the other stocks.Make sure that the correct prices on the correct dates all appear on the same rows.


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