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You are working on a project that has had many difficulties that are not your fault. However, you are the project leader and your manager has become increasingly frustrated with you and even made a comment that you are the kind of irresponsible person who locks your keys in your car. Your manager is coming into town to see first hand why the project is having problems and you are going to pick her up. You leave early to take time to relax. With the extra time, you decide to take the scenic route and stop the car next to a bubbling stream. Leaving your car, you go over to the stream to just sit and listen. The quiet of the surroundings is just what you needed to calm down before leaving for the airport. Glancing at your watch, you realize that it is time to leave to pick u your manager. Unfortunately, you discover that you indeed have locked your keys in the car. A car passes on the road about every 15 minutes. The nearest house is probably a mile from your location and the nearest town is 15 miles away. The airport is 20 miles away and the flight is due to arrive in 30 minutes. What will you do?



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