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SmartSnax is exploring the launch of CauliChips (CC), a line of
baked cauliflower chips, across the U.S. CC will be available in a
variety of flavors, including jalapeno pepper and cheddar, and is
meant to be a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips.
Marketing management expects the products to find a wide audience
among salty snack fans, but is eager to develop a more specific
idea as to CC’s appeal.

1. Explain how the company is using the marketing concept in
developing the new chips. (5)

2. Complete a mini-SWOT analysis for CC, identifying and briefly
describing two factors for each of the four areas (strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). Be sure to consider both
micro- and macro-environmental factors. (10)

3. Compose a succinct mission statement for SmartSnax company.

4. Explain how primary research can help SmartSnax to examine
the appeal of CC. (5)

5. Choose two levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy that may apply to the
promotion of CC, and briefly explain your rationale for


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