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8.10 Direct Request: Pamper Palace Spa Worries About Duplicate Charges (Obj. 2)

As an assistant to Donna K. Lilly, the busy proprietor of Pamper Palace Spa in Weymouth, Massachusetts, you have been asked to draft an e-mail to Virtual Treasures asking about an apparent duplicate charge for a small trial order of massage oils. The Weymouth location of Pamper Palace Spa, a professional spa franchise operating nationwide, wanted to try Virtual Treasures’ exquisite Tahitian Monoi Tiare coconut oils. After reading a French magazine, your boss had ordered a few bottles and a bar of soap for $58.88 to test the product, but when Ms. Lilly checked Pamper Palace Spa’s business account online, she found what she believed to be a duplicate order. She wants you to write to Virtual Treasures and ask about the apparent error.

Donna Lilly is suspicious because a few weeks earlier, she had ordered a French press coffee pot for $19 to use in her office and received two pots. Her account was charged $38. She did not take any action, making good use of the two French press coffee pots in her business. For both orders, Ms. Lilly had used Virtual Treasures’ EasyPay feature, a one-click convenience tool online. Now she worries that future orders may lead to costly duplicate shipments and double charges. The order was divided into two shipments, each with a different order number: #502-3385779- 9590624 and #502-8112203-6442608. Donna Lilly may order large quantities of Monoi Tiare oil after trying the pending shipment.



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