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10) What are the distributions of either cash or stock to shareholders by a competion called () Dividends By Capital payments C) Diluted profits D) Coupon payments E) Retained earnings 11) The length of time a fimm must wait to recoup the money it has invested in project is called the A) discounted cash period B) payback period C) valuation period D) profitability period. E) internal return period. 12) POD has a project with the following cash flows: Year 0 1 2 3 Cash Flows – 5 273,000 145, 900 163,400 128,500 The required return is 8.7 percent. What is the profitability index for this project? A) 733 B) 1.137 C) 1.251 D) 1.365 E) 916 13) When evaluating two mutually exclusive projects, the final decision on which project to accept ultimately depends upon which one of the following? A) Total cash inflows of each project B) Initial cost of each project C) Net present value D) Timing of the cash inflows E) Length of each project’s life 14) Year Filter Corporation as a project wailable with the following chows Cash Flow – 16.000 1 5.400 2 6, 700 3 6.100 4 4.500 What is the project’s IRR? A) 16.7696 B) 18.7796 C) 17.8896 D) 16.09% E) 17.43% 15) Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the trade-offs of debt versus equity financing? A) Debt is senior to cquity, and equity has a finite maturity. B) Debtholders have a voice in management, and dividend payments are tax-deductible. C) Dividend payments are tax-deductible whereas interest payments are not D) Debt has a finite maturity, and equity has voting rights. 16) The option that is forgone so that an asset can be utilized by a specific project is referred to as which one of the following? A) Opportunity cost B) Sunk cost C) Terminal cost D) Erosion cost E) Salvage value 17) Avondale Homes has adopted a policy of increasing its annual dividend at a constant rate of 1.35 percent annually. The company just paid its annual dividend of $1.84. What will the dividend be nine years from now? A) $2.08 B) $2.05 C) $2.02 D) $2.10 E) $2.15


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