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Brett, being a second-year med student and over 21 years old, is constantly receiving credit card applications in the mail. He recently applied for and received a Visa card with a $3,000 credit limit. So far, he has been able to get through school without taking out any student loans, but money is getting tight. He worries about the next tuition payment and how to afford the next school break. He has been highly stressed and feels he needs to reward himself by getting out of town. Brett is also concerned about identify theft. This semester there was a security breach of student files and Social Security numbers were accessed. Although he is unaware of any identity theft from the breach, he has a heightened concern about becoming a target of identity theft.

1. What advice would you provide Brett for his upcoming school break?

2. If he should head out of town, what advice would you offer to help him protect his identity?

A summary of the housemates’ goals can be found in the first Continuing Case problem in Chapter 1.

Continuing Case problem in Chapter 1

Throughout the text, the continuing case scenario at the end of each chapter will involve situations encountered by the housemates of 906 East College Street. All of the residents are either current students or recent graduates. Leigh, Blake, and Nicole are siblings. Their parents bought the home, which is close to campus, as an investment when Leigh started at the university her freshman year. The following profiles describe each of the housemates and their intermediate goals. 

1. For each housemate, identify a SMART short-term goal that supports his or her success in achieving an intermediate goal.


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