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3.13 Iceland and Norway: The Most Connected Countries in the World?

The American Internet? Think again. Yes, the precursors of the Internet that emerged from the sciences and the military were

U.S.-based. Early websites were almost always in English and meant for Americans.

Perhaps it’s the cold climate, but Iceland—one of the least densely populated countries in the world—is also the most connected one, closely followed by Norway

A look at per capita use of the Internet reveals that Scandinavian countries—Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland—lead the world and rank up to 19.5 percentage points ahead of the United States.

Asia has the most Internet users in absolute numbers (over 1 billion), followed by Europe (over 500 million) and North America (276 million). However, Internet users from Asia, the most populous continent, comprise a rather modest 26.2 percent. Europe shows a penetration of 61.3 and North America of 78.6 percent.



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