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Create a spreadsheet to show a simple PV and FV problem for retirement projections. Use the following assumptions:

An individual is 30 and plans to retire at 70 years of age. They are expecting their salary to increase at a steady 3% per year. They currently make $50,000/year. They invest at an expected rate of return on 6% per year during the first 30 years of work and 3% thereafter. They contribute 4% of their salary each year and their employer matches 50 cents on the dollar up to 4%.

During retirement, the individual expects to need 40% of the last year of employment salary every year during retirement and expects to live for 20 years after retirement. Project out the amount of money the individual will have by retirement and use FV to get that, working with PV from retirement create a monetary need number. Do you have a surplus or shortfall and what do you expect to do about that situation?

How can insurance be useful in retirement planning? Health insurance, life insurance or any other applications?


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