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Financial Technology, also known as fintech, is currently one of the hottest areas of investment across the globe. ‘In 2020, investment into UK fintech stood at $4.1 billion in 2020 – more than the next 4 European countries combined and ‘… the UK has more than 10 per cent of the global market share in fintech and the sector is now worth more than £11 billion a year to the UK economy’ (HM Treasury, 2021).

Required Using an information document style of reporting you are to include the following:

A discussion of the growth of financial technology companies.

A critical appraisal of a range of appropriate finance methods for fintech start-ups considering capital structure.

An information document style of reporting considers stakeholder engagement; this format makes good use of colour and graphical organisers such as charts and diagrams to display information.

This will allow you to demonstrate those higher order skills where you need to do something new and original with the material.


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