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Effect of Proposals on Divisional Performance A condensed income statement for the Electronics Division of Gihbli Industries Inc. for the year ended December 31 is as follows: Sales $3,740,000 Cost of goods sold 2,768,600 Gross profit $971,400 Operating expenses 560,000 Income from operations $ 411,400 Invested assets $3,400,000 Assume that the Electronics Division received no charges from service departments. The president of Gibbli Industries Inc. has indicated that the division’s return on a $3,400,000 investment must be increased to at least 15.4% by the end of the next year If operations are to continue. The division manager is considering the following three proposals: Proposal 1: Transfer equipment with a book value of $680,000 to other divisions at no gain or loss and lease similar equipment. The annual lease payments would be less than the amount of depreciation expense on the old equipment by $122,400. This decrease in expense would be included as part of the cost of goods sold. Sales would remain unchanged. Proposal 2: Reduce invested assets by discontinuing a product line. This action would eliminate sales of $722,500, reduce cost of goods sold by $482,800, and reduce operating expenses by $212,500. Assets of $1,721,400 would be transferred to other divisions at no gain or loss Proposal 3: Purchase new and more efficient machinery and thereby reduce the cost of goods sold by $448,800 after considering the effects of depreciation expense on the new equipment. Sales would remain unchanged, and the old machinery, which has no remaining book value, would be scrapped at no gain or loss. The new machinery would increase invested assets by $1,700,000 for the year. 4. Which of the three proposals would meet the required 15.4% return on investment. Proposal 1 Proposal 2 Proposal 3 5. If the Golf Division were in an industry where the profit margin could not be increased, how much would the investment turnover have to increase to meet the president’s required 15,4% return on investment? Enter your increase in investment turnover answer as a percentage of current investment turnover. If required, round your answer to one decimal place.


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