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Case Scenario:

The increasing environmentally friendly behavior seen in the form of growing demand for green products has resulted in academic and practical interest in green perceived value (GPV) of products. The purpose of this paper is to apply the multidimensional construct of green perceived value to the buying behavior of green food products to enhance the understanding of consumer behavior intentions and explain the formation of the intention to buy green food products. This study adopted four green perceived values (i.e. functional value, conditional value, social value and emotional value) and explored the relationships among green perceived value GPV, attitudes and purchase intention. A total of 300 self-administered questionnaires were distributed, from which 253 usable responses were obtained. The relationships between six constructs and 20 indicators were measured using structural equation modeling. All the underlying dimensions had a significant effect on consumers’ attitudes, significantly affecting their purchase intention. Implications for future research and marketing strategies in the field of purchasing behaviors of green food products are discussed.


  1. Develop Research Problem
  2. Develop at least 3 Research Objectives
  3. Develop at least 3 Research Questions
  4. Discuss implications of research with reference to given context


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