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Comparing Retirement Locations. Using Equations (2-1) or (2-2), if the cost-of-living index was 67.54 for Orlando, FL (City 1) and 45.05 for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (City 2). compare Dr. Davis buying power of her $96,000 fixed Income in retirement. In dollars, how much more buying power would she have living in Santo Domingo than in Orlando? Hint: This is the difference in what it cost to live in mone place vs another. (Round to the nearest dollar, don’t include a ‘S and don’t include cents in your answer (XXXXX), (2.1) index city 2 Salary in city 1x index city 1 equivalent salary in city 2 (2.2) index city 1 Salary in city 2 index city 2 – equivalent salary in city 1 type your answer


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