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The Project (Total 10%) OBJECTIVE In today’s Technology, it is almost impossible to find a business that does not rely on its information Technology and Systems which can be the main part of business decision making in any industry sector. You are required to apply the information technologies/systems you learned in this course to conduct a project that can utilize as much of these technologies to improve an existing business (You may also interview an existing company) of your choice OR assume a hypothetical business of your choice. Your project should focus on how you can gain a competitive position in your industry of choice by relying on the new proposed technology and Information Systems in that business PROJECT CONTENT The project to be submitted (soft and hard copy submission) should have the following: ! A Cover Page, including the project name, and the names of the project members. 2. A Table of Contents 3. Five sections of project contents described as Section One: Overview of Your Business (should include, but not limited to the following information) Choose an industry in Lebanon. Choose a specific business to establish. Set your mission and objective(s). Describe the main departments you will have Choose a location for your business. Justify your choice. 2. How many branches will you have? Will you use warehouses? 3. Choose your product service. What is the value of your product service as perceived by your customers (digital, commodity-like direct,…)? 4 Describe your primary suppliers. How will you be linked to those suppliers? 5. Describe your main target market (demographies, age, arca…). 6 Identify the Inputs), the outputs) and the processes to conduct your business (Example: To manufacture shirts, the input is the Fabric Raw materials, The output is the finished product the shirt) and the processes may include order the material, prepare the machinery, packing the product, deliver the product…etc) Section Two: Market Analysis 1. Use Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze the relative attractiveness of the industry of choice. 2. Use Porter’s Value Chain Model to analyze your primary and support activities. Which activities will you focus on to add value to your business? Section Three: Information Systems Used (should include, but not limited to the following information) 1. What Information System(s) according to level will you use? Who will use these systems (secretaries, accountants…). In which departments? In which branches? 2. What Information System(s) according to major business initiative will you use? Who will use these systems (secretaries, accountants….)? In which departments? What analytics techniques and/or Artificial Intelligence Systems) will you use? Who will use these systems (secretaries, accountants…. )? In which departments? 4. Identify/propose the possible networking infrastructure required 5. What about security? Is your data sensitive? What plans/measure you would take to protect your data/systems from possible malicious attack(s) 6. What is your plan to monitor/track the IT related ethical behavior of your employees 3 Section Four: E-commerce Will your company use e-commerce? If yes, what type? 2. What marketing mix will you adopt to market your product service? Section Elve: Competitive Intelligence


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