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Word File Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings Review View Tell me what you want to do *...-1Word File Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings Review View Tell me what you want to do *...-2Word File Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings Review View Tell me what you want to do * Cut E Copy Formal Painte Clipboard Arial – 105 – AA A A ATE BIU XX A. A = == =,,, Aalbccud Aabbccbd Aabba Aabbcc AaB Aabbcc Aabbccod Aabbccod Aabb cod AaBbCcDc Aabbocod 1 Normal 1 No Spac… Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle Subtle Em… Emphasis intense E… Strong Quote Sign in Share Hind – Replace Select Paste Font Paragraph Slyes C The following dataset is from the website CarDekhg which is a second hand car sale website. The dataset contains details of different vehicles that are sold, the year of the make, kms. driven, selling price, fuel type, whether sold by owner/dealer, Automatic or Manual transmission etc. Based on the data, can you answer the following questions How many total number of cars of Maruti are up for sale? What is the average price of a Hyundai Petrol based car up for sale? What is the comparison of average prices of the different brands? • Is there a difference between the average price of Petrol and Diesel based makes? Is there a relationship between price of the car and the number of kms driven? Do Automatic transmission vehicles get a better price than manual transmission yebiles. • Does the ownership status (Dealer vs owner, first owner vs second owner etc) have an ) Impact on the selling price? try to solve these problems using google data studio Please try to create a nice dashboard to answer these questions. Page 1 of 1 1/5 words L Engish India 100% 10:09 Type here to search o w ws P 24°C Light rain 49 ENG 07-08-2021 Data – Excel 6 x Data Review View Tell me what you want to do Sign in Share AutoSum-A7 Rad Good A File Home Insert Page Layout Formulas * Cut Calib – 11 – E Copy Paste Formal Painter BIU—A Clipboard fon 47 o Wrap Text General = = = = = Merge Center .. % Alignment Number Normal Conditional Formulas Neutral Formatting Table Calculation Check Cell Insett Delele Formal Clear Surl & Find & Filter Select Editing Styles 15 f A 8 ? D E E F G ? L M N O P 0 R 7 Standard Error 567835 2448 4340 8 Observations 9 10 ANOVA 11 df ss MS F Significance F 0 12 Regression 13 Residual 14 Total 15 2 4337 4339 5.39E+13 1.40E+15 1.45E+15 2.70E+13 83.6372959 3.22E+11 16 17 Intercept Standard Coefficients Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95.0% Upper 95.0% 649097.3172 21312.8733 30.4556457 8.59E-185 607313.1921 690881,4423 607313.1921 690881,4423 -2.38410299 0.18481556 -12.8999039 2.18E-37 -2.74643596 -2.02177003 -2.74643596 -2.02177003 25441.64908 29789.2269 0.85405537 0.39312148 -32960.4615 83843.75963 -32960.4615 83843.75963 18 km_driven 19 random 20 21 22 23 RESIDUAL OUTPUT 24 25 Observation 26 27 Predicled selling_price Residuals 1 496693.7549 -436893.7549 2 546301.9298 -411301.9298 ????????? 1 Sheet1 ????? ? ? + Featy 100% Type here to search OBI ws < P 24°C Light rain 140 ENG 10:13 07-08-2021


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