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(Operational Risk) Ruth Lee is planning a surprise party for Thomas Lee. She has decided to serve shish kebob. The recipe that she is using calls for two pineapple chunks for each shrimp. She plans to size the kebobs so that each has three shrimp. She estimates that a simple pineapple will yield about 50 chunks, but from past experience, about 2 out of 10 pineapples are bad and have to be thrown out. She has invited 200 people to attend the surprise party. Based on past experience, she estimates that the probability that an invited individual will show up is 0.7. Furthermore, each person generally eats about 2 kebobs. How many pineapples should Ruth buy if she wants to be 95% certain (i.e., with 95% probability) that she makes enough kebobs to serve all the guests who attended the party?


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