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Which hedge fund structure can only accept investment from accredited investors?

(2 Points)

Commodity pool

Closed-end fund

Limited partnership

Principal-protected notes

4.The ………………… method provides a good approximation method for estimating mutual fund returns by assuming a constant rate through the period.

(2 Points)

apples and oranges

Modified Dietz

time-weighted rate of return

daily valuation method

5.What does a mutual fund’s trust deed contain?

(2 Points)

Restrictions regarding the investments the fund may hold

All of these

The fund’s investment policy

The fund’s principal investment objectives

6.The offering price of a fund that has a net asset value (NAV) of $40 per unit and has a 6% sales fee is

(2 Points)





8.Which hedge fund structure is similar to a mutual fund, but is not subject to the same investment restrictions, has greater redemption restrictions, and often trades on the TSX?

(2 Points)

Closed-end funds

Limited partnerships

Commodity pool

Principal-protected notes

9.In addressing a perceived issue with a financial institution in Canada, an individual can undertake each of the following options, except:

(2 Points)

request arbitration

complain to the exchange on which the financial institutions shares trade

file a lawsuit

seek assistance from OBSI

10.When a segregated fund is held within an RRSP, the ________ must also be the ________.

(2 Points)

All three parties must be separate individuals

annuitant; beneficiary

beneficiary; contract holder

contract holder; annuitant

12.Which of the four main groups of mutual funds, as classified by the Investment Funds Standards Committee, is considered to be the lowest risk?

(2 Points)

Fixed income funds

Equity funds


Balanced funds

Cash and cash equivalent funds


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