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8.24 Adjustment: Erroneous Charge for GPS Reversed (Obj. 4)

As assistant to John S. Lear, Regional General Manager at Apex Car Rentals, you read a shockingly irate complaint letter from a corporate customer (See Activity 8.6) addressed to your boss. Adriana Schuler-Reyes, Sales Manager for KDR Precision Components, Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona, has angrily detailed her tribulations with your company’s Colorado Springs Airport branch.

Apparently, she and a colleague suffered long delays in obtaining their rental car. To compensate for the late car delivery, the customers received complimentary use of a navigation device, a $180 value plus taxes and surcharges that added up to another $60. However, at the end of their rental period, their bill reflected the full cost of the GPS. After multiple phone calls to the Colorado Springs Airport branch as well as to the Apex Car Rental corporate offices, Ms. Schuler-Reyes apparently was finally able to have the $180 credited to KDR’s business account. However, soon she realized that the $60 levy had not been credited. She now wants the remainder of the refund. Ms. SchulerReyes has no confidence in the Colorado branch and is asking your boss to intervene on her behalf and reverse the remaining $60 charge.

Mr. Lear asks you to investigate what has gone so terribly wrong at the Colorado Springs Airport location. You learn that the branch is an independent franchisee, which may explain such a laxness in customer service that is unacceptable under corporate rules. In addition, you find out that the branch manager, Scott Brown, was traveling on company business during Ms. SchulerReyes’ rental period and then left town to attend two management training seminars. Mr. Lear is concerned that Apex might lose this disappointed customer and decides to offer discount vouchers for KDR’s next three rentals at 20 percent off each, valid at any U.S. branch. He wants you to draft the letter and enclose the discount vouchers.

Your Task. Write a polite adjustment letter to Adriana Schuler Reyes, KDR Precision Components, Inc., 2328 E Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ 85006 to secure the customer’s goodwill and future business.



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