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Creation of a MySQL database and tables, as described in schema, and population of sample data in the tables Create your database and tables, as described in your schema, with appropriate fields, data types, primary keys and foreign keys. Populate each table with some sample data so that you can demonstrate some queries on it. Queries on the database Your website must be capable of several of the features described in your requirements specifications. At a minimum, it should be capable of doing each of the following types of queries: Insertion of data from your user input forms, etc. For example, registering a user, placing an order, adding a product, etc. (at least one type of insertion query) Update of data, e.g. change user profile information, modify product information, etc. (at least one type of update query )Retrieval and display of data, e.g. invoice or confirmation of order, display of search results, filtering a category of products, showing the orders placed between certain dates, etc. (at least two types of retrieval/select queries) Make sure you try to meet your requirements specifications (from Project Part 1). Not all the features and functions described in your requirements specifications need to be met at this time, but a good part should be in place. Demo in class Part of your submission consists of demonstrating the database and its tables to me in class on November 15th, during the breakout session. You will do this in both your browser and your command line client (using the SHOW, DESCRIBE and SELECT SQL commands), to demo the working parts of your website (the tables, queries and results).


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