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What is the arithmetic average annual return for the five consecutive annual returns of 10%, 15%, -5%, 12%, -7%?

a. 4.46%

b. 6.01%

c. 4.59%

d. 5.00%

13 Which of the following is False about a complete portfolio (composed of a risky and a risk free asset)?

a. The expected return increases when more funds are invested in the risky portfolio.

b.Investors with high risk aversion would prefer less investment in the risk-free asset.

c. A risk-free portfolio can be constructed by putting zero weight in the risky portfolio.

d. Investors with higher risk tolerance can borrow to invest more in the risky asset.


Which of the following statements is True about risk?

a. Idiosyncratic risk can be eliminated by adding more assets to the portfolio.

b. Systematic risk still remains in a fully diversified portfolio.

c. Firm-specific risk is measured by the error term in the single index model.

d. All of the other choices are correct.


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