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What do, according to Meir Statman, investors really want?

What does the portrait of an individual investor look like, according to Werner F.M. Debont?

What kind of investment behaviour does the familiarity heuristic induce?

Discuss the investment implications of representativeness and related biases.

Discuss the implications of overconfidence for investment decision-making.

What is the relationship between investor mood and market mood?

Discuss the impact of regret and pride on investment decision-making.

What is disposition effect? What explains the disposition effect?

Besides disposition effect, what are the other manifestations of path-dependent behaviour?

 What is mental accounting? What are its manifestations?

What is narrow framing? What are its manifestations?

Discuss myopic risk aversion.

What are the salient features of the pyramid of behavioural portfolio?

Discuss the Barnewell two-way model.

Discuss the Bailard, Biehl, and Kaiser Five-Way model.

What are a few classic types of investment wiring?

Discuss the basic ingredients of a sound investment philosophy.

Discuss the strategies for overcoming psychological biases.



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