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Erin McQueen purchased 80 shares of? BMW, a German stock traded on the Frankfurt? Exchange, for €64.8 ?(euros) per share exactly one year? ago, when the exchange rate was 0.65 €?/US$. Today the stock is trading at €70.6 per? share, and the exchange rate is 0.75 €?/US$. ?(Enter all losses as negative? numbers.) a. Did the € depreciate or appreciate relative to the? US$ during the past?year? Explain. b. How much in? US$ did Erin pay for her 80 shares of BMW when she purchased them a year? ago? c. For how much in? US$ can Erin sell her BMW shares? today? d. Ignoring brokerage fees and? taxes, how much profit? (or loss) in? US$ will Erin realize on her BMW stock if she sells it? today?


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