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TeslaRoadster, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. BMW thinks it can learn from all of theproblems these companies had with the new technology and could reduce R&Dcosts substantially and create a better product. BMW also knows that Tesla andChevy have already spent a substantial portion of their marketing budgetsconvincing consumers that electric cars are dependable for transportation whichBMW would no longer need to do. By avoiding mistakes and reducing costs,what type of advantage does BMW have?

You work in the marketing department of a company that sells custom gaming laptops directly to customers. The CEO has recently decided he wants the company to expand by selling in brick-and-mortar retailers. At this point, you have been tasked with finding the retailers who reach a significant portion of the target market but which are also high enough quality to fit your company’s brand. After the retailers are chosen, you must negotiate where your product will be located in the stores. What marketing attribute are you concerned with?
O Promotion
O Distribution
O Consumer behavior
O Pricing
O Product


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