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I have 4 investments:

Weight Expected Return Standard Deviation
Small-Cap Growth Stock 25% 10% 9.37%
Large-Cap Value Stock 35% 5% 14.52%
Foreign Stock 10% 5% 10.59%
Treasury Bond 30% 5% 6.22%

The correlation between:

Small-Cap & Large Cap 0.93
Small-Cap & Foreign 0.93
Small-Cap & Treasury Bond – 0.96
Large-Cap & Foreign 1
Large-Cap & Treasury Bond – 0.99
Foreign & Treasury Bond – 0.99

How to rebalance this allocation?

Assume I have $100,000, I want to invest for long term. So, I created an aggressive portfolio with four assets – small cap (25%), large cap (35%), foreign stock (10%), and treasury bond (30%).After calculating the Expected Return and Stadard deviation, the large cap has the highest risk.So, should I change my asset allocation such as the percentage of each investment or invest one more class (cash or real eastate) or shift the time horizon?


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