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Read the following scenario and give your analysis on the stated questions.

An Attitude Problem –

Waseem Khan a dynamic young graduate began his career as sales representative in a leading multinational pharmaceutical group of companies. Waseem by nature is ambitious and the type of person who loves to take up a challenge. He is bestowed with a pleasing personality, good communication skills with excellent command in spoken English. He has stayed for 3 years in England and represents the upper crust of the society. He is the only child of affluent parents. He is outspoken, intelligent and confident, so far so good. But as the events unfold the dark side of his personality comes to the surface. He cannot go along well with his colleagues and peers. In short, he is not a team player. In group meetings he displays an egoistic attitude even to the extent of ridiculing group members. He arrogantly rejects the ideas and strategies pitched by other group members. Obviously for these reasons the team members are apprehensive to work with him. But Waseem is too much self-centered to realize the feelings of others.

Mr. BAIG the sales manager who is a seasoned professional has also noticed that Waseem tends to work half-heartedly when working in group but on the other hand if he is given a task independently he puts up a whole hearted effort and has always succeeded in accomplishing the given task. For his outstanding achievements he was rewarded a trip to Singapore in the last year. But he has become a problem for the company and success has gone up to his head. Mr. BAIG a decent soft spoken person is finding it difficult to control and handle this attitude problem. The management and HR have also raised their concerns on Waseem’s attitude. Mr. BAIG is facing the dilemma either to lose his star player or to continue tolerating Waseem’s undesirable behavior which in the long run is bound to have a negative influence on other team members. Furthermore, the group is planning to launch a new range of products where a synergized effort is required by the group members to make it a success.

Questions from the scenario –

What specific measures should be taken by the management to bring a positive change in his behavior and do you think Waseem is setting up a negative influence for other team members? How? App 100 words


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